Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to get Free Guild Wars 2 Gems

free guild wars 2 gems
The items and accounts buffs you can buy with gems in the gem shop in GW2 is just amazing, there's so much fun stuff to choose from, but the negative thing is that the items in the store cost A LOT of gems. And as we all know Gems = Money. And yeah money doesn't grow on threes exactly. That's why I'm showing you guys a way to earn free Guild Wars 2 gems. You can check out a quick preview of the guide over here and also links to the actual guide. Get to the guide here.

The guide is not about doing anything in-game, the guide will show you a way of getting free unlimited gems by doing free surveys and offers on a site called Points2Shop, anyway you can read more about everything by clicking the link above.

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