Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to get Free GW2 Gem Cards

Finally the ArenaNet have released the guild wars 2 gem card. The gem card works similar as Game Time Cards work with other MMO's that got a monthly cost (like World of Warcraft for example) but instead of game time the card is filled up with gems instead, 2000 fantastic gems. That's a lot of gems if you ask me and you can buy a lot of fun stuff in the store with that much gems.
The gems on the card is redeemed easy by using a code that's on the card, there's both electronic versions and real life cards that can be bought in game stores all over the world, so you won't need a credit card in order to buy one of these.

2000 Gems - What can you buy that many Gems?

  • You can get 10 Ringmaster's Hat (make your whole guild look fancy!)
  • 10 x Evon Gnashblade's Box o' Fun (get ready for some fun fun fun)
  • 6 Minis 3-Pack and get a whole army of mini pets! (each pack cost 300 gems)
  • or you can exchange all the gems and get a huge pile of gold!

How to get free GuildWars 2 Gems For Free?

As you might have realised that these gem cards are rather expensive, they're totally worth it if you ask me because you can get so much fun with all these gems. But why pay when you can get them for free, if you follow this guide you will learn a easy yet very efficient way of gett Guild Wars 2 Gem Cards for free. Anyone can do it and the guide is of coures 100% free. You can check out the guide over here:
Guide: How to Get Guild Wars 2 Gem Cards For Free

GW2 gem store
The GW2 Gem Store

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