Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Problems Guild Wars 2 has at the moment (Not Gem Related)

This post isn't Gem related but it's more about the bugs and flaws that Guild Wars 2 is experiencing right now. 

There is no doubt that ArenaNet has released an incredibly polished and awesome MMO but it couldn't live up to the hype it had gotten before the release, but the game still manages to to be one of the best MMORPG that has been released in a very very long time. The game has obviously some problems, and here's a small list of them:

The camera
I actually think this is one of the biggest problem with the game right now, and it's the very annoying camera that constantly get stuck in the environment and just zooms in sometimes. This problem is growing dramatically if you are a large Norn in the jumping puzzles and the camera constantly zooms in when you jump up. It is also a very big problem in the dungeons where the boss fights in the small room leading to a fight against the camera instead of the boss.

Small features that are needed in Guild Wars 2
The small things makes a good & polished game and Arena Net have put in lot of great things in the game but they have left out a few that should have been included in the release. Just to mention a few:

Item Inspect
A basic functionality that everyone expects out of a mmo nowadays but for some reason not in Guild Wars 2. What do you do if you see someone with really nice gear and you want to know what it's called? You inspectar course so you can see every detail but the function has been omitted and can be easily deployed.

Extremely hard dungeons

This is just something I experienced myself with some explorable mode dungeons. You may have a different opinion but that is how I feel. I discovered that most of Cathedral of Flame where we chose the way to destroy a superweapon where we arrived at what was a large Charr Effigy. This spawned crystals in a large room that healed him, if not destroyed, if one was not very far away so it was burning constantly, and every spell he did knocked us down. This boss fight just did not seem fair when you were constantly knocked down by un-dodgeable spells and once you managed to get down enough crystals to hurt him then new ones were spawned , and his health went straight up again.
However, a boss I know was something wrong was in araH explorable mode dungeon where one chose Mursaat path. The boss was not particularly difficult, but he took at least 20 minutes to get down health on. We thought we were doing something wrong, but no, he just took a long time and it was a ridiculously boring boss fight that must be fixed. 

Previewing the Trading Post

Another gear issue where a function that should have been there. It's probably easy to become distracted when making such a big game but why is this feature not there? If you buy an Exotic sword from TP maybe you want to know how it looks first. Another thing that can very easily be provided and I hope ArenaNet does.

PVP Duels
To perfect your skills with your class you have always been able to duel with your friends and thus practicing together, but also this has been overseen by ArenaNet. Once again, can easily be added.

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